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"Successful landscapes are created and maintained through open communication, careful planning and a skilled balance of science and art!"
Landscape Maintanence

1. How does your design process work?

While there is always some variation in the process, it generally proceeds as follows:
i. Initial site visit
ii. Proposal preparation & acceptance by client
iii. Site visit (to prepare Base Map & obtain needed information)
iv. Design Time
v. Design review with client
vi. Design Update (based on feedback from client)
vii. Final Design submitted

2. Do you charge for your initial visit to my home?

No. Our initial site visit is free. The goal is to get to know one another and to asses your needs and project scope.

3. I have a very limited budget but would still like design ideas. Can you help me with this?

Yes! Preparing a CAD layout is extremely valuable in the design process, but, it is also time consuming. For smaller or less involved projects, or those with a limited budget Photo Imaging can provide an alternative to CAD. Using Professional ProLandscape Software, I can project images onto a photo of your landscape. While this is not an exact science, it will help to give you an idea of what plants would look good together and how to place them in you beds.

4. Do you install hardscaping?

No, I do not install hardscaping although I may include it in my designs. I do, however, work with several companies who I would recommend for this service. I am always happy to work with them to see a project through or for you to work with them directly. Once I know better your specific needs I will be happy to recommend those that would best be suited to you.

5. How do you work billings and payments?

Most projects are priced upfront and are accompanied by a signed agreement. Payment terms for these agreements may vary depending on the type of project. Most projects will require a deposit with the balance due upon project completion.
For other projects or for recurring work, bills are prepared at the end of each month and are due by the 14th day on the following month.

6. How much do you charge?

All projects are priced based upon my 2010 labor rate of $40/hr.

7. Do you do tree pruning?

I will perform pruning for small ornamental trees (usually under 15 feet in height). While I have been trained in tree pruning techniques, I am not an arborist. For larger trees or for trees that are diseased or injured, I recommend brining in a tree expert. I would be happy to provide recommendations if required.

8. Do you mow & fertilize lawns?

Our services do not include turf care and maintenance at this time.

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